Lexi was a very special puppy with extraordinary abilities to make people happy. I met Lexi for the first time after she came home from Canada, where she was born by a wonderful breeder, at the airport with my sister Lisa. As soon as saw her beautiful little face I Just melted into love with her. I got to carry her to the car from the plane to the car and got my first leo licks. It didn't matter that there was obviously some problems with her. She needed some assistance walking.

As she got a little older and a lot bigger we took her to a neurologist who diagnosed her with Dandy-Walker Syndrome and seizures that we were able to keep under control with medication. We were able o use some apparatus that helped her to walk. Otherwise she was a normal beautiful puppy.

She had a very special relationship with the other animals in the house. She also had a very special relationship with my brother, who has fragile X syndrome. It was like she sensed his disability, and reacted to him in a gentle loving way. She loved her uncle Roger who helped us move her around as she got bigger. She loved her sister, Cody, who was much older then her. The love she had for me was very special. The love she had for her mother, one can not even put into words.

In May she got very sick. But even at the vets she radiated her specialness to vets, nurses, their children, secretaries, ect. Everyone she came into contact with she touched in a positive way.

We lost her in May, but she will always be with us. No other can ever replace her love. I lost my husband in 1999, but the loss of Lexi was the same. We miss her and will never forget her.


LEXI was a special dog, she touched each and every person in a different way . Lexi was born with dandy walker syndrome but that did not stop her. She would try to run and gallop as fast as she could and at times she would jump or dive real high In fact she would be like normal, or it would scare me, I thought she was going to get hurt. Lisa- Lexis mom and Lori -the twin sister of Lisa was her aunt and I guess that I was her god father. I loved her so much and I would care for her when Lisa was not at home or Lori , Lexis would bite me. I was the only person that allowed that, she was capable of popping a tennis ball, but she would know when to stop when she would bite me, knowing she had the power to bite my hand right off. I loved to drive with her in my truck. She was such a special pup and so loveable
She would keep her head on my lap when we drove, I do not see how any one could not fall in love with her.

The night she fell ill Lisa and I took her to the vet ER and than she went to her vet the next morning, I could swear that she was going to be fine but after 10 days, we were called into a room and her vet told us she was not doing that well, but he would not give up, we went to see her for some time and I would place my nose on her nose and look deeply into her eyes and I could see that it was as if she was asking for help or to stop the way that she was feeling, all I could do was cry, after some time we left her and we said our prayers .

The phone rang that morning to let us know that lexis crossed over the bridge that morning. I still feel so sad. It shall take some time for me to deal with her loss On top of it I had just lost my big brother a few weeks prior, so Lexis passing really broke my heart. I never loved a pup so much in my life. I think that a dog such as Lexi shall never cross my path as long as I live. Lexi was the most special and beautiful pup that I have ever seen. Lexi, I will never forget you and I shall love you till my time comes and I hope that you are there to greet me.
With all my love your god father Roger.