The Leolist began in the Spring of 1995 with ten hardy Leo folks who couldn't go one night without talking about their wonderful canine companions. Since that time it has grown to over 800 members worldwide. This is a place to engage in friendly conversation about your favorite topic---Leos, of course--and to share experiences and ask questions. Chances are someone somewhere has an answer.
If you have a particularly talented Leo, you are welcome to turn the keyboard over to him or her. There is quite a little subgroup on the list where the dogs do all the talking and the people get to sit back and be amused.

Some of this information is duplicated and more in depth in the Welcome Letter you receive when you sign on the LeoList

Table of Contents

Purpose of Leolist
How to subscribe to Leolist
How to unsubscribe
Finding a Leo to see or Live With
Addresses Associated with Leolist
Sending Mail to Leolist
How to subscribe to Leolist Topics
LISTSERV Instruction (including instructions for DIGEST)

Purpose of Leolist

This mailing list is devoted to the discussion of Leonberger dogs. We welcome all enthusiasts, prospective owners, breeders or anyone else with an interest in this topic. Absolutely anything that has anything to do with Leonbergers may be discussed here, such as health issues, training, brags, friendly chat, etc. This, however, is NOT a place for flame wars, comments about specific judges, or blatant commercials. 

This list is not moderated, however it is tended by the list-owner, Linda Gagnon and list-admin, Vonnie Matheny. No flaming will be tolerated. Reasoned controversy is fine (and expected :-). Discussion of ideas is welcome; personal attacks are prohibited. The Leolist owner or Leolist admin may, at their discretion, remove or restrict postings of any List Member for violation of this mailing list's rules. 

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Subscribing to Leolist

There is a two-step procedure for subscribing to the mailing list Leolist. This is to prevent anyone with a forged mailing address from signing onto the list. 

*** STEP ONE: *** 

Send an e-mail message to: listserv@apple.ease.lsoft.com 

with the following command as the first (and only) line of the message body: 

SUBSCRIBE Leolist Your Name 

Substitute your real full name (e.g., "Joe Smith") for "Your Name" above 
(e.g., SUBSCRIBE Leolist Joe Smith) 

*** STEP TWO: *** 

You will receive a detailed message back from listserv telling you that your subscription request has been received, and that you need to send a note back to LISTSERV, confirming your subscription intent. This process is carefully outlined in the return message from LISTSERV. 

If you have any problems with this process, send a note to v.matheny@verizon.net and I will try to help. 

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Unsubscribing from Leolist

Send an e-mail message to: 


with a blank subject line and the following command as the first (and only) line of the message body: 

SIGNOFF Leolist 

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Leolist Rules

By continuing to receive mail from Leolist@apple.ease.lsoft.com you agree to hold the list owner, Linda and admin, Vonnie, and L-Soft, owner of the system at which this list resides, harmless for opinions expressed on this mailing list. The opinions expressed in this unmoderated mailing list do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the list owner. 

If you cannot, or do not wish to, comply with the terms in this message, DO NOT SUBSCRIBE. 

Leolist articles and posts, unless explicitly stated otherwise, are copyrighted by the original poster(s), and may NOT be retransmitted in any form without the explicit permission of the original poster. Please honor their wishes should they not want their posts sent elsewhere. Moreover, this list may not be reflected to other sites without explicit permission from BOTH the poster(s) and the list owner. Posts may be replicated on the Leo Home Page, administered by the list owner, but all copyright are still in effect. In addition, the "Leolist" list name is the property of the list owner, all rights reserved. 

DO NOT post virus warnings to Leolist. Send a message to the Leolist owner and she will investigate and post the virus warning to Leolist, if valid. 

THE LIST IS NOT INTENDED TO ADVERTISE LITTERS OR EQUIPMENT FOR SALE. Any post advertising or recommending breeders is not appropriate. List members may mention litters in discussion, but again, "advertisements" are not appropriate. We are governed by our sponsor, L-Soft on this matter that this list shall not be used for profit, so please comply. 

PLEASE NOTE: Subscribers are hereby informed that the presence of any breeder on this list is NOT to be construed as a recommendation by the list owner, L-Soft or by any other party. 

Personal flames directed toward anyone on or off the list are *strongly* discouraged. Any persistent flaming that occurs may result in the involuntary signoff of subscriber(s) responsible. Breed-related flames will not be tolerated - many people enjoy water work with a surprising variety of dog breeds. The list owner has a very low tolerance for flames and will not permit even subtle flames, so be nice. Discussion and disagreement of ideas is expected, as is politeness. 

The bottom line for this list, is that your list administrator may add, remove, or review your subscription as she sees fit. This is a privately-administrated list, and as such, there is no "right to free speech". (To U.S. citizens: Constitutional right to free speech is limited to the U.S.Government ONLY. If you would like more information on this subject, please refer to the Cyber-Law web site, at:


A very clear quote from this site, reads: 

    Determine whether the *government* is imposing the speech restriction. U.S. Constitutional free speech guarantees apply only to the government (any federal, state, or local agency, including public universities and public employers). If the speech restriction is imposed by a *private* entity, the First Amendment does NOT apply.) 

Please keep in mind that this list is made possible through donated time and services. It is here by the efforts of real people willing to volunteer their time and energy, not because of any abstract constitutional principles. If that willingness to volunteer is destroyed by individuals who are not willing to be good list-citizens, so will be the lists. 

If you wish to communicate to the list owner/admin they can be reached via email at: v.matheny@verizon.net or lingag@earthlink.net

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Leolist Roster

When you subscribe to Leolist we ask you to send an introduction of yourself to the list in order to tell us a little about yourself, even if you just plan to "lurk" for awhile. A brief introduction is a polite way of "entering our room." It allows other list members to include you and your interests in their remarks. 

Some of the things you might want to include in your introduction might include the following: 
  • Your Name
  • Your Internet address
  • Location (state/province/country)
  • Your history with Leonbergers
  • Your affiliation with your National Breed Club
  • For each of your dogs:
    • Call name
    • Registered name
    • Gender
    • Birth date
    • Breed (if other than Leonberger)
  • Interests (conformation/obedience/herding/rescue etc.)
  • Additional information: anything else you'd like to add
Please mail this information to Leolist@apple.ease.lsoft.com. Soon you will be chatting with Leonberger enthusiasts from all over the world! 

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Finding a Leo

Who do I contact and where do I go to get basic information about Leonbergers; to see a Leonberger up close and personal; or to find breeders in my area? 

Before you ask list members these questions, please visit all the links at Leonberger Club of America

Again, please DO NOT ask LEOLIST for American or Canadian breeders - this information is included in both the packet and the web pages. 

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Addresses Associated with Leolist

Before sending any message, make sure that you are using the correct address. There are four addresses associated with the Leolist mailing list: 

1. listserv@apple.ease.lsoft.com

This address should be used to handle subscriptions (getting on and leaving the list) and will automatically process commands sent to it. Don't send questions that you expect a person to read to the listserver address. This is simply a piece of software and software doesn't understand anything other than a few commands. Do NOT include a "signature" at the end of email to the listserv. 

IMPORTANT: If you are using America On-Line or another service that requires you to put a subject line in your messages, try typing a period (.) for the subject line. This should work in most cases. If it doesn't, send a note to v.matheny@verizon.net and I'll try to help. 

2. Leolist@apple.ease.lsoft.com

This address should be used to send letters that you want distributed to all readers of the list. Don't use this address to request to be removed from the list. Use the listserver address when you want to change list options or when you want to be removed from the list. 

3. lingag@earthlink.net and v.matheny@verizon.net
These are the personal addresses for the list owner, Linda Gagnon and list admin Vonnie Matheny. If you are having troubles with your account or have questions or comments about the list, drop Linda or Vonnie a line and we'll do our best to address your concerns. 

4. http://apple.ease.lsoft.com/archives/leolist.html

This is the Leolist archive and account management page. You can use this web page to change your account options, like change to digest, switch the email account you subscribe with or even post to the list, subscribe and unsubscribe. You can also read past archives and search them by time, author, keywords, etc. A great service provided free from L-Soft! Check it out!

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Sending Mail to the List

Once you are subscribed to Leolist, you can then send mail to the list. ONLY subscribers can mail to Leolist.

To send a message to the list, send it to Leolist@apple.ease.lsoft.com just like you were sending it to another individual. It will be copied and distributed to all members of the list.

Leolist uses topics for subject lines for posts that are sent to this list. Here is the list of Topics and their purpose:

ADMIN - for list administrators only!
DOGCHAT - for our furry friends to use on their letters
LCA - for posts about LCA events, e.g. the specialty, picnics, etc.
OT -for topics not related to Leonbergers

If your post falls into one of these categories, please use the Topic. The topic must follow a certain syntax:

The topic name must be spelled *exactly* as shown in the bottom banner of every message that you receive from Leolist. The topic must be followed by a colon, NOT a dash, space, or ellipsis, or for that matter, any other punctuation mark.

If you want a post to appear under more than one topic, separate the topics with commas.

Here are some examples:

DOGCHAT: Gelert says Hi!     ---> *** correct ***

LCA,ADMIN: Specialty rooms     ---> *** correct ***

DOGCHAT... Wolfi says hi, too      WRONG (no colon after topic)

DOGCHAT and ADMIN: a wierd post      WRONG (comma, not "and", between topics)

Please remember to use the Topic for relevant posts. You will receive a reminder for each relevant post without a Topic. Too many posts without a Topic will result in your being placed on Review and all posts without a Topic being returned to you.

When replying to a message, please include only a relevant sentence or two from the original message. Several people replying to a message and repeating the entire post make the daily digests unnecessarily long.

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How to subscribe to Leolist Topics

Every Leolist subscriber is automatically subscribed to all of the topics. You do not have to change anything, if you want to receive all the posts to Leolist. You can set up your account so that you receive only the topics you want out of the list of topics. Messages with any topic you decide not to receive will simply not be sent to you from the listserv. Sorry, but you folks on digest are stuck receiving all the topics - this is only for subscribers on regular mail.

Here are the instructions on how to select your topics via email. Please remember you can also select your topics through the L-Soft page: http://apple.ease.lsoft.com/archives/leolist.html Simply select "Change subscription, join, or leave Leolist" and uncheck or check the topics you want on the next page - easy!

  1. If you want to receive all the topics then don't change anything at all.

  2. If you want to receive all the topics but one or two then do the following:

    send a message to listserv@apple.ease.lsoft.com

    in the body of the message put:

    (where TOPIC is one of the topics from the list above)

    For example, if I wanted to get all the topics except LCA, I would send:


    Remember to include the "-" since that is a minus sign that takes away that topic.

    If I wanted to get all the topics except LCA and DOGCHAT I would send:


    You will receive an acknowledgment message listing the topics you subscribed to.

  3. If you just want to get one or two topics from the list then do this:

    send a message to listserv@apple.ease.lsoft.com

    in the body of the message put:

    (where TOPIC is one of the topics from the list above)

    You will receive an acknowledgment message listing the topics you subscribed to.

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LISTSERV Quick Command Summary

Listserv is a software program that manages the Leolist mailing list. You may use listserv to control how you get mail from LEOLIST 

To use any of these commands, send a message to listserv@apple.ease.lsoft.com with a blank subject line and the command(s) you want as the body of the message. (You can send more than one command at a time; just make sure they are on separate lines of the message. Do NOT include a "signature" on your message or any other text, just the commands. 

IMPORTANT: If you are using America On-Line or another service that requires you to put a subject line in your messages, try typing a period (.) for the subject line. This should work in most cases. If it doesn't, send a note to us and we'll try to help. 

Please remember you can also control your subscription through the L-Soft page: http://apple.ease.lsoft.com/archives/leolist.html
What you want to have happen 

What to send to listserv

Stop list mail temporarily 
(for instance, if you go on vacation)
Restart mail  SET LEOLIST MAIL 
Receive daily digests containing all 
Leolist mail for that day (instead 
of individual messages) - helps to cut 
your message volume down! 
Receive daily lists of subjects sent to 
Leolist for that day (instead of 
Digest or individual messages) - the 
minimal way! 
Turn off digest or index and get mail 
as individual messages again 
Include the sender's email address 
on incoming mail (if your mail program 
doesn't do this automatically) 
Turn off receiving a copy of your own 
posts to the list 
Turn off the [LEOLIST] in front of all 
the message subjects 
See your distribution settings  QUERY LEOLIST 
Get all but one Topic  SET LEOLIST TOPICS: ALL -TOPIC 
Get all but two Topics  SET LEOLIST TOPICS: ALL -TOPIC1 -TOPIC2 
get a listing of all commands  HELP 

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All postings to Leolist have been archived and may be accessed by any member of the list. To find out what files are available, send a message to listserv@apple.ease.lsoft.com and as the body of the message, put: INDEX Leolist 

A list of files will be returned to you. The format of the filename is LOGyymmx, where "yy" is the year (e.g., 95), "mm" is the month (e.g., 08), and "x" is a value a, b, c, d, or e (for which week in the week the a month that you're requesting). 

To retrieve one of the archived files, send a message to listserv@apple.ease.lsoft.com like the following: GET Leolist LOGyymmx 

For instance, GET Leolist LOG9610c will get you the archive for the 3rd week in October, 1996. You can retrieve more than one archive at a time by putting them on separate lines of the message. 

The L-Soft page http://apple.ease.lsoft.com/archives/leolist.html also offers an easy-to-use search and browse capability - check it out!

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